Don't you know people write songs
about girls like y̶o̶u̶ me?

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all girls are fucking beautiful and if you try to make them feel like they aren’t because they have fuzzy legs or chubby bellies fuck you

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look at these gay fucking nerds they ruined my lifeimage

they seriously look like they’re holding hands holy shit straight men don’t walk that close together

They both know they’re about to get laid.

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it’s official, i am obsessed with sleepy 5sos

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Do you ever watch a video or see a picture and then gasp and say “MY BABY” when it is, in fact, NOT your baby but is actually a man in his 30s

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One Direction respond to Taylor’s acceptance speech for I Knew You Were Trouble at the VMAs. +

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no no, it’s fine, ill text myself back

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